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Disposable single-use hospital articles

Pediatric bedpan

It has shaped to respect the traditional model of italian plastic bedpan but it has a reduced capacity compared to the “Italian bedpan” so it fits better to the shape of children. Its surface is perfectly smooth to avoid sticking to the moist and sensitive skin of child. The pediatric bedpan is used together with a special polypropylene support (article code PF0024) which is completely covered to guarantee safe protection of all the areas of contact. The polypropylene, of which the support is made, contains active antimicrobial additive throughout the life of the support, which limits the development of bacteria.

On request, this container can be equipped with a special custom-fitted lid (PF0101) made of the same material.

The pediatric bedpan is safe, hygienic and minimizes the risk of infection, it is not polluting or toxic and has no contraindications.

Disposable single-use articles
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