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Disposable single-use hospital articles

The Mission, the Vision, the Values

Promos was founded in 1991, in Civitella del Tronto, a town near Teramo in Abruzzo: it is here that a production centre was created which would offer employment opportunities in a sector that was, for certain aspects, new and unique in Italy.
In fact, Promos introduced a type of product that was new for our country's industrial sector: disposable single-use healthcare articles made of paper pulp. This was part of a broader idea of offering Italian hospitals a valid system for eliminating the organic wastes of patients who cannot, due to temporary or permanent incapacity, use the normal sanitary facilities. 

The system is based on the use of biodegradable disposable single-use paper articles which, once used, are destroyed using a special shredding machine. The machine reduces the articles to pulp, and they are then eliminated, together with their contents, through the regular sewer system. The Promos system, already widespread in the 1990s in other European countries but little used in Italy, is an effective alternative to the traditional system.

It is Promos's firm belief that the adoption of its system for the disposal of bedridden patients' organic wastes by Italian hospital structures makes it possible to considerably improve the physical and psychological wellbeing of the patients and the operational efficiency of the healthcare providers. The use of disposable articles reduces the possibility of contracting contagious infections, one of the most embarrassing and problematic situations for bedridden patients is made more acceptable for them, and for the healthcare personnel an unpleasant, thankless job is facilitated both in time and procedure.

Last but not least, already back when it was not yet fashionable to talk about the environment, Promos decided with great conviction to propose the use of totally biodegradable articles, made only with brand new newspapers that were to be recycled and other raw materials, reducing the environmental impact to a minimum.

Since 1991 Promos has grown considerably, but there are still numerous hospitals in Italy that do not yet use its system. Therefore there is still a great deal of room for growth, always keeping in mind the company's founding values: patients' wellbeing, job creation, and environmental protection.

Hygienic safety for patients
Prevenzione del rischio infettivo occupazionale
Prevention of occupational risk
Improving the quality of care
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