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Disposable single-use hospital articles

Unique advantages

The Promos system effectively contributes to the resolution of the hospital problem of eliminating biological waste from bedridden patients with considerable advantages compared to the use of reusable containers that require washing and disinfection.

The strengths of our system are:

  • elimination of contact bacterial charges
  • hygienic safety for patients
  • prevention of occupational risk
  • decrease in nursing workload
  • improving the quality of care
  • use of antimicrobial supports

The patient is protected from the risk of contracting hospital infections using an always new, clean and dry container that, after use, is eliminated with its contents through a special shredding machine.

Healthcare professionals run a lower risk due to the elimination of potentially infected organic material as single-use containers are shredded in the machine without being separated from the organic material, with a higher level of hygiene even in the "empty" environments of hospital departments presence of clean containers only.

The working time that health workers must dedicate to the washing and to the periodic "cleaning" of traditional male urinal and pans, may be dedicated to operations that are more useful for the wellbeing of patients and more rewarding for the operators themselves.

The supports, completely covered by disposable devices in order to ensure a secure protection of all contact areas, are made of plastic material, non-toxic, shockproof, washable and disinfectable even with chloroderivatives that is treated with antimicrobial (X antibac® ULTRA) in able to minimize the possibility of bacteria development throughout the life of the support.

The Promos paper containers, made with paper of new and unmarked newspapers, treated with water and natural resins and shaped by special molds, are:

Disposable: because patients are always supplied with new and non-reusable containers.

Water-repellent: because the special water-repellent mixture of Promos containers guarantees the absolute sealing of organic waste for a few hours.

Biodegradable: because the Promos containers are made only with natural materials that can be easily removed without damaging the environment.

Hygienic safety for patients
Prevenzione del rischio infettivo occupazionale
Prevention of occupational risk
Improving the quality of care
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