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Disposable single-use hospital articles

Quality of Promos products

Promos has grown over the years always with an eye on the quality of its disposable products and, more in general, of the entire service it offered.

This approach derives mainly from the consideration of the end users of its articles: bedridden patients in hospitals who are already in a difficult situation and for whom it is therefore necessary to make their condition as acceptable to them as possible. What is more, the healthcare personnel are relieved of certain unpleasant and unrewarding tasks, and thus enabled to devote more time to other activities which are certainly more useful and profitable for the wellbeing of the patients.

The great advances made in the improvement of Promos quality, from the early years of the marketing of its disposable products, can be seen in the ever-growing number of hospitals that have abandoned the traditional system in favour of the Promos system.

All the disposable single-use articles carry the CE mark. The quality of the Promos system has also been acknowledged by a specific certification body: in 2003 Promos obtained its ISO 9001:2000 certification. Furthermore, confirming its particular attention paid to the environment already demonstrated with its marketing of biodegradable articles, Promos worked to make its production system fully respectful of the environment also, obtaining in 2005 the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management certification.

The last, but no less significant, goal reached was the BS OHSAS 45001:2018 for the occupational health and safety management system.

Hygienic safety for patients
Prevenzione del rischio infettivo occupazionale
Prevention of occupational risk
Improving the quality of care
Some of our products
Pediatric bedpan
Small wash basins/multiuse basins ...
European hospital bedpan
Italian hospital bedpan
Male urine bottle support for beds
Sputum container
Kidney-shaped dish/kidney dish
Large 4 lt. Basin
The rack for European bedpan supports
Multiuse basin
Generic graduated pitcher
The rack for Italian bedpan supports
Male urine bottles holder
Male urine bottle
Bedpans and wash basins dispenser
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