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Disposable single-use hospital articles


The sturdy structure of this machine, designed for long-term reliability, requires little maintenance. Use of the machine is extremely quick and simple: after introducing the Promos disposable paper articles together with their contents, the operator closes the cover and presses the "Start" button. The machine eliminates the disposable article and its contents in 100 seconds, washing itself afterwards, and is then immediately ready for a new operation.

It is possible to shred up to four bedpans or four male urine bottles per cycle.

A self-locking system ensures that it cannot be used if the cover is open, and that the cover cannot be opened during operation. The shredding machine is also equipped with safety devices capable of detecting both the lack of water and the clogging of the drainage system.

The used single-use articles, disposed of into the shredding machine, are reduced to pulp and then sent into the hospital's regular sewer system.

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