From which material are Promos disposal single-use products made?
- Recycled paper and natural resins.
How long will Promos containers be waterproof?
- 4 hours at least.
Are Promos disposable single-use containers made of plastic?
- No, disposable single-use products by Promos are made of paper pulp. Only supports for special products (bedpans and wash basins) are made of polypropylene.
Are Promos products sold in retail shops such as chemists' or healthcare shops?
- No, disposable single-use products by Promos are intended for healthcare structures to which the whole Promos system is supplied, including the shredding machine required for the disposal of Promos biodegradable products through the sewer system.
Is it possible to use disposable single-use products by Promos without the shredding machine at one's disposal?
- Yes, it is possible. If this is the case, single-use products should be disposed of as hospital wastes.
Where is the Promos system used?
- In numerous healthcare structures of regions such as Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Marches, Umbria, Abruzzo, Latium and Molise.
Which is the difference between the Italian bedpan and the European bedpan?
- Of course, they serve the same purpose. The "European bedpan" draws on the plastic model of bedpan usually used in Anglo-Saxon countries. The "Italian bedpan" has been designed to better meet the needs of the Italian domestic market which is accustomed to a specific plastic model of bedpan that Promos "Italian bedpan" imitates.
I think that disposable single-use bedpans and urinals could be the ideal solution for a bedridden patient based on my unpleasant personal experience in the orthopaedics ward of my town's hospital where only plastic bedpans are used. Why don't many hospitals use disposable single-use products?
- The Promos system, based on the use of disposable single-use products and a special shredding machine for their disposal through the sewer system, is in some ways a new system for the Italian market compared to the traditional one based on the use of plastic bedpans and bedpan washing system. Difficulties arising from the development of our system are specifically those one that a company usually runs into when proposing a new product. And this is even more difficult in a hospital centre where there are so many people involving in any organisational change. Our strength is to have ascertained, thanks to our experience, that in the hospitals where the Promos system has been adopted, they hardly went back on their word.
Can disposable paper products be too rough when in contact with the skin of a bedridden patient?
- No, Promos products are smooth in the side in contact with the patient's skin.
How can it be that disposable single-use products do not leak if made of paper pulp?
- Promos products are made of such a special mixture of paper and natural resins to grant totally leak-free holding for at least four hours. Furthermore, during the production phase, all check carried out regularly by the persons in charge guarantee quality products.
Can waste pipes get clogged once disposal single-use products, made of paper, are shredded and discharged in the sewer system?
- Not at all. The shredding machine reduces the single-use products to liquid pulp which not only does not clog waste pipes but reactivates biodegradability process in the imhoff tank.
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