Unique advantages

The Promos system effectively contributes to solving the problem in hospitals of eliminating the biological wastes of bedridden patients with considerable advantages over reusable containers, which require washing and disinfection.

The strong points of our system are:

  • hygienic safety for patients

  • prevention of occupational infection risk

  • decrease of the nursing workload

  • improvement of the quality of care

The patient is protected from the risk of contracting hospital infections by using a container that is always new, clean and dry and which, after use, is eliminated together with its contents using a special shredding machine.

Healthcare operators run less risk connected with the elimination of potentially infected organic material, since the disposable single-use containers are shredded in the special machine without being separated from the organic material, with a higher level of hygiene even in the "emptying" rooms of hospital wards due to the presence of clean containers only

The work time the healthcare operators would have to devote to the washing and periodic thorough cleaning of traditional male urine bottles and bedpans may be devoted instead to operations that are surely more useful for the wellbeing of patients and more gratifying for the operators themselves. The Promos paper containers, made with new, unsold, unread newspapers, treated with water and natural resins and shaped using special moulds, are:

Single-use: because patients are provided with containers that are always new and not reusable.

Water-repellent: because the special water-repellent pulp of Promos containers guarantees totally leak-free holding of organic wastes for several hours.

Biodegradable: because Promos containers are made only with natural materials that are easy to eliminate without harming the environment.

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